General Kids for Kids Questions


How was Kids for Kids started?
Kids for Kids was founded in 2012 by Iris Shiloh, inspired by her trip to India in 2010.
Kids for Kids is a fashion company that features artwork made by children from different organizations that support underprivileged and orphaned children around the world. We donate a share of our sales to these organizations, creating a full circle of love. 
Is Kids for Kids a non-profit organization?
Kids for Kids is a for-profit company with giving at its core. The organizations we donate to are part of the creative process and our customers are part of the giving process. We grow through sustainable giving efforts rather than depending on fundraising for support. This model will enabled us to donate more founds at a rapid rate and created thousands of customer-philanthropists along the way.
What does Kids for Kids means?
The name symbolize the unity of our child-artists, our company and our costumers. It represents the circle of love that we are inspired to create joining all the forces together for a brighter future.
How does Kids for Kids donates to the organizations?
Kids for Kids collects the 10% of each sale in a donation account and every year donates to the participating organizations. The donations are made toward the education and health of the children.