Pooja from Bodhgaya, India


The visionary and creator of the Indian Bird of Hope print – Pooja from India. Pooja lives at the Tara Children Project (TCP) orphanage in Bodhgaya – a home for children affected by HIV that employs a holistic approach based on Buddhist derived principles and values. TCP currently is a home for eleven children ages 6-12, of which Pooja is the youngest.
Pooja is a sweet, cheerful and mischievous little girl, who likes to play tricks on the other children, and turn everything into a game. She is self-confident and is not afraid to stand up for herself when needed. The green bird she painted is beautiful and free, just like her spirit.
Indian Bird of Hope
Indian Bird of Hope onsie

Nondudzo Ndlanlada from Swaziland, Africa


The Mama Africa print was inspired by 15 years old Nondudzo Ndlanlada's lovely drawing. Nondudzo is supported by Gone Rural boMake, a non-profit organization in Swaziland, Africa. The NGO provides education and support for children and women in need. Nondudzo’s drawings demonstrate her sense of humor, optimism and strength even in light of the hardship she experienced in her young life.

Mama Africa
Mama Africa Onesie

Skhanyiso Mdzebele from Swaziland, Africa


Skhanyiso Mdzebele is another talented yound artist from Gone Rural boMake in Swaziland. She drew such a beautiful drawing that we decided to make two prints inspired by her artwork, The Circle of Elephants and the Baby piggies! 16 years old Skhanyiso is an independent young girl who stands behind her decisions and beliefs.
Skhanyiso's artwork
Elephant Circle onsie
Baby Piggies onsie



Traveling through India in 2010, Iris Shiloh, was profoundly touched by her encounter with orphanage children.
As a fashion designer, she was inspired to create Kids for Kids, with the intent of giving back to children who are less fortunate.
Kids for Kids is a fashion company that features artwork made by children from different organizations that support underprivileged and orphaned children around the world. We donate a share of our sales to these organizations, creating a full circle of love. 
Thanks to YOU we are Drawing a Brighter Future!